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Name:Castle Perrault
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let's walk in the clouds

👑 This is a dressing room roleplay comm, which means if you want to join, just make a journal and do so, no application necessary!
👑 (--Though players are gently encouraged to introduce themselves in the ooc comm, [community profile] castle_perrault_ooc, and add themselves to the cast list.)
👑 Some features of the castle for your character to potentially stumble across, though you can make up whatever you like.
👑 Tag your posts with the fandom your character is from. If they're from a non-canon AU, be sure to add 'au' to the post as well!
👑 Doubles, triples, and beyond of the same character is allowed.
👑 No godmodding or threadjacking without player consent. If you plan a plot/want to jump in on a conversation, make sure to contact all of the muns involved!
👑 NSFW is allowed, but make sure you community-lock those entries and label them as 18+.
👑 If there are any additional questions, please send a PM to [personal profile] dustyroyalcrown.

👑 If your character dies, they'll be revived in 3 days. Whether they're just gone or are partially-aware ghosts is up to the player's whims!
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